Rahim Barzegar

Hydro-Environment and Artificial Intelligence

Special topics in mining engineering (Machine learning in mineral exploration)

This course is designed to provide students with advanced skills in statistical modeling and machine learning, specifically tailored to mining applications. It places particular emphasis on the analysis of geochemical and mineralogical data. By encouraging critical thinking and a data-driven approach, the course prepares students to tackle complex challenges in mining environments, such as understanding chemical and mineralogical variations, thereby improving their ability to make informed decisions in this area.

Hydrogeology I

The course aims to enable students to acquire the basic knowledge necessary to interpret the mechanisms that govern the flow and quality of water in aquifers. The course is oriented to provide the necessary skills both in carrying out research activities (DESS, M. Sc., Ph. D.) requiring knowledge in hydrogeology and in processing files related to groundwater in a professional work environment.